What's New:

During this holiday shopping season Wildman’s does not want to limit you to our inventory for this sale, last year we sold almost 3 tons of propellant in 6 hours, however if you need your items right away it would be best for you to call your order in to check in-stock availability.

AS far as kits go we have almost all of it in stock or already in transit here.

If you haven’t seen or heard about it Wildman’s now has a new transparent red tubing available in certain kits .

We will have 2 phone lines open this morning.

815-638-3200 our main line

815-878-6091 for today only

The sale starts at 6:00 am CT and ends at 12:00pm CT

This is a pre-pay, pre-order sale. All cards will be charged with in 72hrs of the sale.

Blackhawk 38 - $75.99

Pick a mini – standard single deploy version - $39.99 warrior $44.95 no eagle claw

Pick a mini – standard single deploy version w/ dd option - $49.99 warrior $54.95 no eagle claw

Pick a Junior comes with our new filament wound nosecone - $99.99

Punisher sport - $49.99

Punisher SS (super sport) $69.99 38mm motor mount, head end deployment with our new filament wound nose cone

2.6 Darkstar, Competitor or Intimidator - $89.99 choose either a 38mm motor mount or a 54mm motor mount

3” Jart w/ PML nose cone - $59.99

3” Punisher or original Wildman 3 kit only (Wild1) w/ headend deployment and aluminum bulk plates sale $110.00 Wildman club sale price $100.00

Wildman 3 Dual Deploy kit only (Wild2)or Darkstar 3 - $150.00 – limit to 25 red and 25 yellow

Wildman Extreme - $249.99

Darkstar Extreme - $259.99

4” red punisher - $160.00 one bad hawk 2 harness set $45.00 with the purchase of a punisher 4. 11/32 tubular Kevlar w/2 loops 1 – 25 Ft. and 1 – 15 Ft. piece

Dink - $84.99 includes free aluminum bulk plates and a black sticker shock decal

Demon 54 - $64.99 Wildman club price $59.99

Demon 98 - $199.99 Wildman club price $189.99

Jayhawk - $79.99



Buy any rocket kit and receive 20% off retail the matching smart sled by Additive Aerospace and MARSA54L limited quantity .

10% off all Aeropack Club members receive 20% off of ra29p, ra38tw, ra54p, ra74

Recon Recovery Nomex – 25% off, club members receive – 50% off

Sky Angle C3 parachutes and deployment bags 10% off, club members receive 20% off

To flight parachutes 10% off, club members receive 20% off

4500P proline epoxy pint kit – 25% off $29.95

Rocketpoxy 2 pint set, 8 oz happy hands and die set all for $25.00

Midwest Power 13 2 disc set - $17.50

All kit purchases will receive a valuable coupon from sticker shock for 15 to 25% off stickers to finish your rocket

Aerotech hobby line reloads, hardware and kits - 50% off

Aerotech and KBA high power reloads and hardware 40% off

Cesaroni Technology 30% off retail all hardware and reloads

Rocketpoxy and Wildman’s have gotten together to offer you a freebee for Christmas.

We will put all the names of the customers who purchased the Rocketpoxy kit in this year’s sale into a bowl . One purchase equals one name into the bowl. Then we randomly draw 20 names and each winner gets a free mini Christmas rocket courtesy of Rocketpoxy. The “Christmas rocket” will be a single deploy mini (38 mm thin wall ) Florescent Red tube, 24 inch long air frame, 29 mm motor tube, 3 Green Florescent G10 1/16 inch Christmas tree fins ( I have some cool Florescent colors in G10 sheet for this I had custom made), and a Fluorescent Red or Green casted resin nose cone.

Jackie and myself want to thank you all for another great year here at Wildman’s and wish you all a Happy Holidays