Interceptor A.A.D. 98


Revolutionary new design can be flown with traditional dual deployment or head end deployment. The 33 inch booster is capable of handling 5,000 newton second Ms or the biggest 54. Built weight is 8.5 lb.

This kit includes:

  • 33" fiberglass booster
  • 16" fiberglass payload
  • Fiberglass vent band
  • Fiberglass coupler
  • 75mm fiberglass motor mount tube
  • 4" 4 to 1 light weight, high heat resistant poly carbonite nose cone with phenolic tip
  • 1/8" G10 beveled fins
  • Aluminum bulk plates
  • Wood or fiberglass centering rings (your choice)

(sticker is available thru Sticker Shock)

Price:$269.99    Wildman Club Price:$242.99