98mm Bulkhead Motor Retainers


For 98mm Airframes Or Motor Mount Tubes

  • Offers Fast, Clean, Tape-Free And Tool-Free Motor Change
  • Made from Precision Machined Aluminum, Red Anodized
  • Nothing Protrudes Beyond Airframe Outside Diameter
  • Retainer Is Bonded Inside Airframe Above Motor
  • Requires Forward Closures With Threaded Hole
  • Simply Screw Motor Onto Stud On Bulkhead Retainer
  • Aft-Closure Or Snap-Ring Seats Against End Of Airframe
  • Threaded Hole On Forward End For Accessory Mounting
  • Welded Eye-Bolt Attached To Forward End Of Bulkhead
  • Optional Extension Couplers For Flying Shorter Motors
Price:$50.00    Wildman Club Price:$50.00