Extreme Darkstar

Leave it to Wildman to push the Darkstar to the Max with this radical upgrade. No Mildmen allowed! This beast is ready to rock on any motor you can stuff in it! Finally, the upscale of the original is here and the sky is the limit. This Kit Includes
  • 4" x 52" slotted fiberglass booster
  • 4" x 24" fiberglass payload tube
  • 4" x 2" fiberglass switch band
  • 4" x 11" fiberglass coupler
  • 4" 5.5-1 filament wound fiberglass nose with aluminum tip
  • 75mm fiberglass motor mount
  • 3 3/16" thick beveled G10 fins
  • Centering rings
  • Coupler bulk plates fiberglass
  • Airframe bulk plates fiberglass
  • Kevlar™ bridal
  • Tubular nylon shock cord
  • Welded stainless eye bolts
  • Nuts, washers, shear pins, rivets, etc
Price:$339.99    Wildman Club Price:$305.99