Turn your Mini-BBX into a real, high-flying two st

Turn your Mini-BBX into a real, high-flying two stage rocket. This is a very close scale replica of the bottom stage of the Black Brant X sounding rocket. Slip it under the PML Mini-BBX and you will have the complete, scale rocket! You can easily double the altitude and have the thrill of two stage flying without all the usual guesswork of a "standard" or scratch-built two-stage rocket. (We recommend the CPR version of the MiniBBX as the best for the Terrier. This is due to the tremendous altitudes the Terrier/MiniBBX combo will reach, and also because a CPR-based MiniBBX will still deploy the `chutes even if the sustainer stage doesn`t ignite, saving the rocket). The Terrier Booster is easy to assemble and very easy to prep. We spent months developing the best and most reliable inter-stage coupler on the market just for this kit.


Price:$104.95    Wildman Club Price:$99.70